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Our Story ✿

" We know it's difficult to love you. "

Chubby to me means many things, both bad and good. The former seems to be the majority social perception. Here's what we have to say: we understand the fear, the insecurity, and the whole lot of self-doubt that comes with Chubby, because I've been there before. 

Chubby as a word, lives as a reminder to both you and me. The importance of self-acceptance, followed by self-care and self-improvement, onward to living a fulfilling life. 

ChubbyCo. aims to provide an unprecedented way to self care; in abundance and in comfort. Where we determine to be our safe space, is where we will find our best state to love, care and accept us for both our perfections and our flaws. 

We do not aim to change the way you live or think, but we do aim to assist you to get where you want to be - because we know it's difficult to love you. 

We've all had acquaintances, friends and family that relates to the word chubby strongly, and most of the time, our genuine empathy and love has been left unspoken. Share our story with them and show that you are with them, as much as they want to be with themselves. 

Sending much love, 


Oh yes, one last thing: 

No nasties!