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Self-care rituals for the modern go-getter.

 ChubbyCo. aims to curate aromatherapy product lines that not only combats everyday anxieties, but is also simple & convenient for the modern time-strapped individual.


Hand-crafted in small batches

For high quality assurance, thoughtfulness and uniqueness to provide you a fuller, better experience.


No Nasties

Non-toxic & skin-safe. Free from parabens, sulfates & phthalates. Feel assured and have a peace of mind in your next self-care session.


Simple, happy & easy

We believe that not only should our products smell good, it should also be easy to use and evoke a sense of simplicity to rid the feeling of clutter.


“It was difficult to love me.”

I was Chubby before, or what some called - fat. I understand the fear, insecurity and mind clutter that comes with that. Truth to be told, it poisoned me and I am sure it did many others as well.  

Chubby as a word, lives as a reminder to both you and me. The importance of self-acceptance and self-care for a healthy mind - and onward to living a fulfilling life. 

ChubbyCo. is the brainchild (literally) of my past mental struggles, my love for aromatherapy, the ice-breaker to other like-minded individuals, and my hopeful ambition to help this community, one at a time.

We've all had acquaintances, friends and family that relates to the word chubby strongly, and most of the time, our genuine empathy and love has been left unspoken. Share our story with them and show that you are with them, as much as they want to be with themselves.

Sending much love,