The Creation of ChubbyStix Cuticle Oil

The Creation of ChubbyStix Cuticle Oil

Our ChubbyStix Cuticle Oil is formulated by a Nail Tech, whom has encountered countless manicure customers who either can't ignore the urge to peel their lifted gel manicures, or visit her with heartbreakingly dry cuticles. 

 What's special about ChubbyStix? 

It's a multi-sensory customisable experience.  

Common cuticle oils found in the market is filled with preservatives, addictives and just.. plain boring. How many times have you left a product untouched on the shelf because it was not engaging despite the benefits sold to you? 
We created ChubbyStix with experience,  functionality and convenience in mind. On top of being a cuticle oil, our ChubbyStix come with a visual cue in various colours, and an olfactory cue using your preferred scent to engage the nose. These sensory cues create a wholesome experience to put you in a certain mood.
Our formula is also a 100% natural, non greasy oil blend loaded in a twist and brush pen. Bring it along in your bag, or place it on your office desk for that mid-afternoon lift in spirits. 
We love what we've created, and we hope you do too!

Find out the benefits of ChubbyStix here or explore the convenience of our ChubbyStix here
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