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Cuticle-oil-ChubbyStix-Calm // Purple-ChubbyCo.
Cuticle-oil-ChubbyStix-Calm // Purple-ChubbyCo.
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Calm // Purple Cuticle Oil

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ChubbyStix Cuticle Oil in Calm is a 100% natural, non-greasy oil blend coupled with eternal flowers in purple hues with an essential oil scent of your choice - a combination of multi-sensory cues for an uplift in mood.

• Promote nail growth through stimulation of blood flow 
• Increase strength of nails to avoid chipping and breakage
• Moisturise and nourish cuticles with vitamin E for healthier looking skin 
• Increase length of manicures by keeping nails healthy and flexible

Volume: 5ml


Pure fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oil of your choice

How to use

  1. Twist the end of the ChubbyStix until product is dispensed on the brush. Don’t twist too much too fast on your first time to avoid a mess!

  2. Using the brush of the ChubbyStix, apply the cuticle oil on your cuticles once to twice a day for 2 weeks to nourish and condition. 

  3. Massage the cuticle oil until absorbed and non-greasy. Don't worry, your favourite scent will still be left on your skin! 

Storage Tips:
ChubbyStix Cuticle Oil can be shelved 1 year if unopened and stored in a cool, dry place. 6 months once product has been opened and used.

We highly encourage a patch test before usage to ensure no presence of allergies or sensitivities. Do not ingest, for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach from children. If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your practitioner before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Amanda Koh
Love it!

Though still under review, I note increased nail growth rate and lesser skin peeling. I love the scent and the pleasant aesthetics of the product. Look out for my review on Instagram @amanda.kkx


was slightly skeptical that this could help me as a chronic nail peeler, but decided to try buying anyway - it has really strengthened my nails and made my cuticles less dry, and smells SUPER GOOD too!!! i especially love the lavender scent hehe + super pretty w the flowers


Really great product that works, looks pretty and smells good :)

really works

my index finger nail easily breaks (like really) but after applying chubbystix for ard 3 days, I can feel my nails are stronger (like really)

best cuticle oil ever

-smells rly heavenly
-product looks rly aesthetically pleasing
- work wonders, my nails grew out rly fast (nail picker here)