How to Grow Strong and Healthy Nails

How to Grow Strong and Healthy Nails

Take it from a nail tech - these simple steps will help keep your nails looking healthy and strong, and leave your skin smooth and supple! 

1. Cuticle Care 

Many of us aren't aware that healthy nails and cuticles come together! Cuticles covers the cells that help to grow and build your nails A.K.A very important piece of skin. When cuticles are not healthy, nails will grow out to be weak and brittle as well. 
Keeping cuticles in tip top condition is easy! Apply and massage cuticle oil onto cuticles and nail bed. A shameless plug over here - we recommend our in-house ChubbyStix Cuticle Oil that is a 100% Natural Formula because you deserve the absolute best! 

2. Nail Polish Removal 

Our number one rule - do not peel your gel polish off! We know it's tempting. Doing that not only thins your nail, but also causes flaking and tear marks on your nail bed, which eventually leads nail chipping and breakage. Always seek professional advice and tools to remove your polish! 

3. Trim Your Nails 

Our nails have similar proteins as our hair, and we trim our split ends off regularly. Similarly, our nails go through daily wear and tear and we do have to occasionally trim our nails to keep them strong for the long haul. This is especially so for those who wants to grow their nails - snip a little off, grow even more out! 

4. Take Your Vitamins! 

Find your necessary vitamins and nutrients either from your food or supplements. What you are looking for is protein rich food (unprocessed if possible), or vitamin E which is found in many multi-vitamin supplements. Or you can topically apply our cuticle oil as well which includes Vitamin E too! 


We hope this quick guide will help you to strengthen your brittle nails, and help you grow beautiful long set of nails. 

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